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Have you heard of this Stephen King guy? Apparently he’s a prolific horror author who has written about a million novels, short stories, and pop-up books, many of which are perfect for adapting into movies, TV shows, or theme park attractions. Netflix must be aware of this secret vein of prime adaptation material, because Deadline is reporting that it has picked up an adaptation of In The Tall Grass, a novella written by King and his son Joe Hill (who also happens to be an accomplished horror author with some adaptations of his own in the works).


The original story is about two siblings on a road trip who hear a young boy crying for help from within a huge field of tall grass, but when they walk in to try and find him, weird and spooky shit starts to happen. Saying more would spoil too much of what happens, but the novella does seem better suited for a movie than some of King’s meatier books. Deadline says James Marsden is in talks to star, with Vincenzo Natali attached to direct. This will be the streaming service’s third King adaptation, following Gerald’s Game and 1922.

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