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James Marsden to get killed by robots in HBO’s Westworld, unless he’s a robot

Confirming the rumors from back in July, James Marsden has officially signed on to HBO’s Westworld adaptation. This comes from Variety, which reports that Marsden is going to play someone named Teddy Flood, “a mysterious new arrival to a small frontier town.” Apparently he’ll be charming and handy with a gun, and his interest in pursuing “a local beauty” will force him to embark on some kind of “dark odyssey.”

Now, we’re under the impression that Westworld is about a theme park full of cowboy robots and the people who get killed by them, but that description of Marsden’s character seems suspiciously Western-themed. As in, it sounds like he’s a character in a Western, not a character in a sci-fi story about robots. This seems to suggest that he won’t be a person being killed by robots, but one of the people-killing robots instead. Also, “Teddy Flood” is a pretty silly name for a human—no offense to any Teddy Floods out there.


Marsden joins and/or will be killing a bunch of other famous people in Westworld, including Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Shannon Woodward, Eddie Rouse, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Angela Sarafyan, and Simon Quarterman. Lost’s Rodrigo Santoro will be playing Westworld’s “most-wanted outlaw,” so he’ll probably kill people as well.

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