Photo: Don Arnold (Getty Images), Albert L. Ortega (Getty Images)

Dooming himself to a life of jokes about chili dogs, “gotta go fast,” and an unsettlingly vast tapestry of diverse and determined internet pornography, actor James Marsden has willingly joined himself to the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. Specifically, the Westworld star—who’s made a career out of standing handsomely next to folks like Wolverine, Superman, and Amy Adams in Enchanted—has signed on to star in the upcoming live-action/CGI hybrid movie based around the franchise.

This is per Variety, which has yet to make it clear whether Marsden will actually be playing the famous Sega fast-rat, or if he’ll be portraying his human sidekick character, instead. (A role Paul Rudd was also rumored to be in consideration for.) The Sonic movie has been in the works for years, but seems to be picking up steam lately, with original Deadpool director Tim Miller throwing his efforts behind it, presumably hoping to tap into the same apparently inexhaustible well of fan enthusiasm that keeps new Sonic games coming out, despite the fact that they’re often not very good. The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters in November of 2019.