James Mangold's 1995 film Cop Land, starring Sylvester Stallone

Hot off delivering one of the most critically beloved superhero movies in recent memory, Logan director James Mangold has lined up his next project. Deadline reports that Mangold has signed on to helm The Force, a corrupt-cop caper that seems like itā€™ll sit firmly in Mangoldā€™s ā€œviolent men with good intentionsā€ wheelhouse.

The film is based on an upcoming book by Don Winslow, which has already started receiving rave reviews from advanced readers. (Stephen King called it ā€œThe Godfather, only for cops.ā€) This isnā€™t the first time Mangold has walked in the footsteps of Serpico or The Departed, either; he made his Hollywood debut with 1995ā€™s Cop Land, directing Sylvester Stallone in a tale of small-town police corruption. Now heā€™ll take on the simmering underbelly of big city policing, bringing Winslowā€™s tale of a tarnished NYPD detective trying to do the right thing while being attacked by enemies and colleagues alike to the screen.