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James Gunn wants to remind you nobody's found his "big Easter egg" in either Guardians movie yet

Photo: Jun Sato (Getty Images)

Out of all of our modern blockbuster directors, few seem to enjoy interacting with—i.e., yelling at—his fans more than Guardians Of The Galaxy helmer James Gunn. Besides Gunn’s regular Twitter seminars on the reproductive system of giant space-based tree monsters—and consider this your monthly reminder that nu-Groot is old Groot’s son, not his younger self reborn—Gunn regularly comments on fan’s misperceptions of his movies, pointing out logical fallacies and just generally reminding people that he’s thought out most of the Guardians’ personal details to an exhaustive degree.


This week though, Gunn saved everybody a bit of time, and just lumped many of these questions into a sort of omnibus of “Incredibly Frequently Asked Questions” on his Twitter feed, covering such topics as what his brother Sean’s character, Kraglin, was doing during Infinity War (“something important”), whether that Adam Warlock cameo at the end of Guardians 2 means anything for Avengers 4 (nope), and whether Young Groot has any of the memories of the original (for the last goddamn time, no). He also got up to some of his old trolling tricks, though, reminding fans that no one has yet discovered “the big Easter egg” he hid in either Guardians film.

Gunn has been talking about this particular bit of trivia for years (at one point, even having to clarify that he wasn’t offering a cash bounty to anybody who could find it.) Fan speculation about the “egg” has, of course, been aggressive; Gunn has even encouraged it at times, giving a rare shoutout to YouTuber MasterTainment for finding fragments of the egg, but not the whole thing. (Good luck figuring out which parts are right, though, because MT, who’s joked before that “James Gunn has broken me,” has done a lot of videos on this subject.) A recent theory suggests that it might have to do with all the DNA imagery seeded throughout the first film, as part of a tribute to Guardians comic team Dan Abnett and Andy Laning, who often worked under the nickname DnA.

But Gunn’s not saying (at least, not until someone puts the whole thing together); he’s previously stated that, barring fan intervention, he doesn’t intend to reveal the secret until he’s on his deathbed. (Which, in its own way, seems like a beautiful gift to his nerdiest fans; after all, what better gift for comic book obsessives than a mystery it might take them decades to solve?)

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