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James Gunn to add people to The Belko Experiment until there’s no one left

Brent Sexton, who will probably be voiced by Vin Diesel just saying "I am Brent Sexton" over and over

If it were, say, five years ago, and James Gunn was putting together the cast roster for his little indie film Super, there would be notably less attention paid to the various character actors filling out the supporting roles. Sure, we were all pretty excited about Kevin Bacon being in that, but the world wasn’t particularly enthused about anything Gunn was doing. But direct one dancing tree, and suddenly everyone wants to know what’s next on the agenda. And so, by adding one person after the other to his latest film, it seems Gunn is just going to keep casting until the only people left in Hollywood are kale distributors and Pinkberry managers.

Deadline reports that the latest recruit to Gunn’s upcoming horror film The Belko Experiment is veteran character actor Brent Sexton. Perhaps best known to audiences for his roles on Deadwood and The Killing, Sexton will be playing Vince Agostino, head of human resources at an American government facility outside Sao Paolo whose company policy apparently includes a “kill or be killed” proviso. There’s no release date yet, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait to mark your calendar for the day when the unwitting parents of young Rocket Raccoon fans bring their eager kindergarteners to the latest movie by that nice Guardians Of The Galaxy boy.


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