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James Gunn reassures fans feeling a little Thor about these Guardians 3 title rumors

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It’s been a weird few years for fans of Marvel’s space-based Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise, who’ve had to live through the whole cycle of watching series mastermind James Gunn first being fired from, and then later re-hired on to, its third installment over internet “outrage” about the content of some many-years-old tweets. And while Gunn is now happily re-ensconced in his world of dancing treasure hunters and sarcastic space-raccoons, there have been some pretty major changes to his beloved anti-heroic babies in his absence—most notably, a new addition to the family in the form of former Avenger Thor, who headed out with the team at the end of this summer’s Avengers: Endgame.

But never fear, Star Lord fans: Just because a better Chris is now on hand, that doesn’t mean the Odinson has acquired naming rights for the entire team. Per Uproxx, Gunn responded on social media this week to a number of questions he’s apparently been getting over the last little while, attempting to quell rumors that the third Guardians film is now operating under the punny title Asgardians Of The Galaxy. (Something Chris Hemsworth himself floated as a joke when he was asked about whether Thor would pop up in the film.) In a post that appears to have been made on Instagram Stories—so ephemeral, so fleeting—Gunn posted a number of extremely anxious questions about they hypothetical name change, along with a simple “Don’t worry.”

It’s not actually clear if Thor will appear in the film at all; as noted, Gunn’s plans for the franchise’s third outing come from way before Infinity War and Endgame, which brought him and the Guardians into contact, hit theaters. That being said, Hemsworth is one of the delights of the MCU—his comic chemistry with Bradley Cooper’s Rocket being one of Endgame’s numerous highlights—so we might as well keep our fingers crossed, even if he doesn’t get to stick his personal branding on the finished product.

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