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James Gunn made another awesome mix for Guardians Of The Galaxy

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In addition to being a runaway box office smash, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy also spawned a very successful soundtrack. Personally curated by writer/director James Gunn, Awesome Mix Vol. 1 hit no. 1 on the music charts and was even given away for free by Google Play to many people eager to enjoy the collection of great classics.

For those who liked Gunn’s taste in music of yesteryear, they may be interested in what he enjoys from more recent artists. Luckily, there’s now a way to hear some of his favorite party jams. For the bar scene, called the “Boot Of Jemiah” in the film, Gunn was tasked with assembling a playlist to keep the energy up for the shoot and get people in the mood to bet on disgusting bipedal alien rat-slugs. Gunn pasted the entire playlist to his Instagram yesterday, labeling it “Awesome Mix Zero”:


It’s certainly an up-tempo mix filled with a bunch of great party anthems by groups as diverse as Mindless Self Indulgence, Lyrics Born, Gogol Bordello, and one half of everyone’s favorite postal service Christmas-themed duo, Andrew W.K. The A.V. Club has assembled the songs into a playlist below, so check out just how closely Gunn’s tastes match your own and if his mixtape masterpiece extends into the more current era of music. It’s the perfect music to listen to while screaming insane accusations at any nearby rodents.

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