It's been assumed for weeks now that Super and Slither director James Gunn would direct Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, with even Joss Whedon stepping in to praise both Gunn's "twisted" take on the comic and his love for space-faring raccoons. But nothing's been officially confirmed until now, with Gunn finally acknowledging what most already knew and accepted, then stopped thinking about because they have their own lives to live: "Last night I got the go-ahead from Kevin Feige to let you all know that, yes, indeed, I am rewriting and directing Guardians Of The Galaxy," Gunn said on his Facebook page, adding, "As a lifelong lover of Marvel comics, space epics, AND raccoons, this is the movie I’ve been waiting to make since I was nine years old." We are obviously going to be hearing a lot about raccoons between now and August 2014. [via Coming Soon]