HBO is back in the James Gandolfini business (a robust industry indeed, har har) with the new show Big Dead Place, based on Nicholas Johnson’s memoir about working for the U.S. Antarctic Program. Though Gandolfini’s last proposed HBO project, an adaptation of the French-Canadian comedy Taxi 0-22, was announced but never materialized, this project already has some push behind it thanks to the recruitment of Breaking Bad writer-producer Peter Gould, who will develop the show with Gandolfini acting as executive producer and most likely its star. The drama is described as “a tragicomic eye view of the fear and loathing, arrogance and insanity of the people living and working the last untamed frontier on the planet—the research base at McMurdo Station, Antarctica,” which sounds a bit like Deadwood On Ice. That reminds us: Could someone please make Deadwood On Ice? Thanks.