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James Galdofini reuniting with The Sopranos creator David Chase for movie that is cruelly not The Sopranos

David Chase is apparently hedging his bets on his post-Sopranos feature film debut Twylight Zones, bringing in James Gandolfini as one of its co-stars alongside the recently announced, Terence Winter-approved Jack Huston. Set in the 1960s, the story focuses on a shy teen (James Magaro) who blossoms as the lead singer in his fictional band, The Twylight Zones, coming of age in the rock ’n’ roll renaissance that produced other New Jersey trendsetters like The Four Seasons and, eventually, Trixter. Gandolfini will play Magaro’s Italian-American father, who can’t understand why his son listens to that racket all-a-the-time when there's perfectly good Sinatra and Perry Como records. And then hopefully he smashes the shit out of some stuff while gusting like a charging bull, in that inimitable James Gandolfini style.


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