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James Frey sells pilots to Syfy, E!, and NBC (or so he says)

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A few months after coming up with what was apparently one of the greatest movie pitches ever, formerly disgraced memoirist-turned-mogul of a YA book factory James Frey has now sold three new pilots to three different TV networks. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that all three pilots come from the aforementioned YA book factory, Full Fathom Five.

The first one is an adaptation of the e-book KissnTell, which is about two women who become “life-of-the-party scenesters” after they start a popular gossip blog and has been sold to E!. The second pilot is titled Haunted, and it’s going to Syfy; it’s about the adult children of a pair of ghost hunters who reunite after their parents’ mysterious death so they can face “the literal ghosts from their past.” The final pilot is Middle Kingdom, and it’s a kung-fu drama set in San Francisco—a city that is apparently the eponymous “Middle Kingdom” because it’s “between” Asia and America, and also heaven and hell. The main character is a medical examiner who works for the SFPD and uses karate to kill demons in his free time, which is a premise so weird that it should be obvious that this one’s going to NBC.


Assuming all of this is real and not another one of Frey’s hilarious cons, we’ll hopefully learn a bit more about these shows as they go forward.

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