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James Franco's NYU controversy retold as Taiwanese animation, of course

Increasingly self-aware Taiwanese animation house NMA.tv may be the ideal artistic prism through which to refract pointedly self-aware entity James Franco, as you’ll find out when it attempts to retell yesterday’s story of the NYU professor who claims he was fired for giving James Franco a “D,” all because NYU valued Franco’s celebrity over his actual physical presence. A presence, we must remind, does not necessarily exist without his celebrity. After all, were James Franco not a celebrity, would anyone even note his presence or absence? Where some see a movie star skipping class to hang out on beaches while blonde girls twitch behind him excitedly, Franco sees an illustration of the loss of individual identity and one’s physical place in the universe, both of which have been recontextualized and stolen by the audience. That’s all we’re saying. Anyway, this report skips those existential questions and just gets down to laying out the linear details, all while combining actual movie clips and photos with surrealistic, figurative restagings—much like James Franco’s life. [via Movieline]

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