Given his relentless amassing of acting projects, it may soon become easier to classify movies as either “Franco” or “non-Franco,” a designation that will surely make for easier lesson plans in future film courses taught by James Franco. So here is a project that is decidedly Franco: Deadline reports that Winona Ryder will star in The Stare as a playwright struggling to launch her newest production, who becomes overwhelmed by paranoid dreams and visions, and slowly unravels as she tries to figure out whether everyone is truly turning against her, or if she’s simply losing her mind. In other words, it’s sort of a board-treading Black Swan, but with that crucial Franco factor as he plays one of her performers. As his hosting gig at the Oscars demonstrates, Franco has already begun preparing for the role, layering everything he says with an arch, ironic distance that masks his true and sinister intentions, leaving the world to wonder whether they too are perhaps caught up in Franco’s manipulative web.