In the clash of the supremely self-aware and the completely inscrutable, James Franco will direct a film about the making of The Room, the worst movie of all time that we can't stop watching and even making videos about. Deadline is reporting that Franco's company has optioned book and life rights to The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero's book about his experience making the film and co-habitating with its star/director/producer/financier Tommy Wiseau. Seth Rogen's company will co-produce, though there is no word yet on casting. Prediction: After a worldwide search for an actor that can believably portray total confidence, inestimable cluelessness, and vague foreignness, Franco will grudgingly settle on himself in the lead role. Wiseau will make a cameo appearance as the flower shop owner, and it will take 17 shooting days for him to nail his few lines. (Franco will be happy to give it to him.) [UPDATE: Somebody pointed out this Instagram from Franco, which says that he and his brother will star.]