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Illustration for article titled James Franco to teach high school film class (for real, not for a movie)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Franco will soon be teaching a high school film class—and no, this is somehow not the premise for a stoner comedy co-starring Seth Rogen where the two of them play substitute teachers who like to smoke pot but they end up enjoying teaching and they really connect with the kids. First off, that movie sounds terrible, and also the whole plot would have to be re-worked so as not to encourage kids to do drugs. It’s an awful idea. What were you thinking?


Anyway, the actual story is that James Franco will literally be teaching a film class at Palo Alto High School in California. The class will be structured as a filmmaking workshop, with the kids producing a film that will be shown at a festival of some kind. Interested kids can apply online by submitting a 200-word essay about why they want to be a part of the class and also a one-minute video introducing themselves. This whole thing is a surprisingly non-narcissistic move by Franco, so we’ll do him a solid and not reference this at all. You’re welcome, Franco.

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