No doubt exhausted by a rigorous schedule of portraying James Franco both on and off the screen, an agenda that has left his hands cracked and calloused from always straining against margins, James Franco has decided to relax into banality by making a "homo-sex-art-film" with Outfest indie breakout Travis Mathews. According to Mathews' website (via Vulture), Franco had his agent email Mathews after the latter garnered attention for his film I Want Your Love, which features unsimulated sex scenes (at least insofar as any sexual act—or any act of human behavior—can be said to be free of simulation). At Franco's suggestion, the two quickly began working on a short film similarly centered around gay sex that Mathews says will "ruffle some feathers" when it premieres in New York this September—a term that Mathews is no doubt using ironically, by way of acknowledging that "homo-sex-art-films" from James Franco are second only to pigeons in terms of common New York sights. Still, despite being a mundane exercise for Franco, it should serve as a sort of reinvigorating palate-cleanser, like alternating wine-tasting with a sorbet of dildos.