Creatively recharged after the primitive, art therapy finger-painting that is his making homo-sex-art-films, James Franco has moved on to his next conceptual piece, Homefront, in which he will co-star in a Jason Statham action thriller. Variety reports that Statham will play a retired DEA agent who's called back into action to save his family and quiet hometown from the threat of Franco, fully inhabiting the role of a "meth magnate" named Gator. "To me, 'Gator' represents the lizard-brain of our subconscious, and the way the primordial, self-preserving reflexes of our inescapable nature inform everything we do," Franco is expected to say in some future Access Hollywood interview, intercut with shots of Statham shooting at things and a nodding, clearly perplexed Billy Bush. Though at this point it's just speculation, Franco is also expected to note that—as the screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone—it's the culmination of a filmmaking career spent exploring the limits of the human body and its endurance for pain, perhaps while comparing Stallone's characters to the works of Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic.