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James Franco returns to General Hospital

Say what you will about James Franco’s dilettantish approach to life, but at least the man doesn’t take himself too seriously: He’s set to return for another multi-episode arc on General Hospital this summer, once again playing a morbid installation artist (is there any other kind?) named “Franco” who spends his off-hours as a serial killer. Franco took on the role last year because he said he believed it would make him a better actor—and according a Movieline interview, it may or may not have been preparation for a “pretty abstract” film he may or may not be making with conceptual artist Carter, which also involves General Hospital in some way, as well as part of a bafflingly complex web of performance-art pieces that we won't even begin to untangle—but this return trip seems to be more like a summer vacation for Franco, who wants to spend his downtime from grad school getting back to his “new family” at the soap. Franco was last seen on the show in January, when he planted a couple of bombs under two series regulars; when he returns to take care of his “unfinished business,” he’ll kick off a “wild ride of mystery, music, murder and mayhem.” His first episode back airs June 30.

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