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James Franco launches college course on James Franco

Although we have all been unwittingly auditing a class in James Franco, we have yet to receive anything in the way of course credit—something that Columbia College Hollywood now aims to correct. The Tarzana-based Columbia (school motto: “No, not that one”) has announced via press release that it is launching a course entitled “Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco,” in which students will come to a deeper understanding of Franco by compiling a 30-minute documentary on Franco, using footage of Franco supplied by Franco, all in the academic pursuit of Franco. Overseen by Franco’s right-hand Franco, Tyler Danna, the class will ask student editors to “create a cinematic image of James Franco”—a task akin to producing a rainstorm on paper—using Franco-chosen behind-the-scenes videos from the short films that Franco has directed.

When time allows, Franco’s own personal visage will be beamed into the classroom via Skype, where he will offer thoughts on James Franco from the perspective of James Franco; according to the press releases, “the class sessions themselves will be taped and be part of the final film or another project,” thereby adding yet another refraction to the infinite hall of mirrors that is Franco. The course, naturally, is a concept originally conceived by James Franco and Taylor, an idea about which CCH president and CEO Richard Kobritz says, “They certainly could have created it most anywhere.” Upon hearing Kobritz’s remarks, Franco sighed, bent anew to the task of creating his transdimensional portal—the pathway to all parallel Francos—and softly whispered, “Not yet.”


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