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James Franco in talks to star in Why Him?, a movie without any assassinations

James Franco’s last movie certainly made a lot of headlines, and without going any further into that because we’re all still sick of talking about it, it seems like he has decided to go a bit more low-key for one of his next projects. According to Variety, Franco is in talks to star in Fox’s Why Him?, a comedy about a “Midwestern father who takes his family to visit his daughter” at Stanford, and he “subsequently gets into a competition with his daughter’s boyfriend, a young Internet billionaire.” Presumably, Franco would play the young Internet billionaire, because even though he’s 36 and that practically makes him a mummy, he’s far too cool to be playing a Midwestern father. Oddly, Variety’s description doesn’t reference any world leaders being assassinated during the movie (a requirement for James Franco projects these days), but that’s probably because Fox wants it to be a surprise. Why Him? was co-written by Neighbors director Nicholas Stoller, Ian Helfer, and I Love You, Man director John Hamburg—who will also direct this film.


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