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James Franco finally reveals hosting the Oscars was a bummer

Actor/student/author/lots of other slashes James Franco ruffled some feathers when he indifferently muttered his way through a co-hosting gig at this past February’s Academy Awards ceremony. Nearly five months—and what we assume has been roughly 35 films and several liberal-arts doctorate accreditations—later, Franco is speaking out in his trademark candid fashion about that infamous evening to Playboy, an outlet suitably familiar with the naked truth.

In the magazine’s latest issue, Franco reflects on those three hours of awkward cross-dressing, mismatched chemistry with Anne Hathaway and Bruce Vilanch celebrity ventriloquism with insights like the following:

I was going with their program; I wanted to do the material they gave me, not be one of the many cooks doing the writing. There were a lot of cooks who shouldn't have been cooking but were allowed to. There were some cooks my manager tried to bring in, like Judd Apatow, who wrote some very funny stuff that wasn't used.

During the same Q & A, Franco also discusses that ridiculous gay-rapist fiasco from a few years back and why people seem resentful that he’s essentially on his way to a Master's degree in the universe.

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