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According to The Hollywood Reporter, crime novelist James Ellroy is set to write a remake of the 1944 noir classic Laura Fox 2000. Ellroy, of course, is the writer behind L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia. He’s also a noted hater of hipsters, liberals, rock ’n’ rollers, the counter-culture, and movie people, so let’s all agree not to tell him that writing a movie makes him at least one of those things.


The original Laura—which was based on a book of the same name by Vera Caspary—is about a detective who accidentally falls in love with a woman whose murder he’s investigating. However, she later turns out to be alive and quickly becomes a suspect in the murder that she wasn’t really a victim of. Movies used to be a little more complicated when they weren’t all based on comic books, apparently.

Now, don’t look for this remake to alter that too much, since Ellroy will probably do everything he can to avoid introducing modern annoyances like hipsters, liberals, or movie people to the plot. If anything, it’ll probably be as much like the original as possible. Luckily, that movie came out, like, 100 years ago, so today’s rock ’n’ rollers probably haven’t seen it.

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