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James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke gets special, possibly its own show

The Late Late Show

Carpool Karaoke, the breakout segment from James Corden’s Late Late Show, is pretty simple, as far as viral-friendly late-night segments go: No elaborate stages, no crazy props or choreography; just Corden and a musical celebrity, driving around New York and singing some songs. At its worst, it’s only as bad as the usual dull late-night interview. At its best, it aptly captures the feeling of driving around in a car, singing with your friends, an appeal that’s served the comedian’s YouTube channel with nearly a billion views.

Now CBS will attempt to spin that success a little further, announcing a Carpool Karaoke special designed to celebrate Corden’s eye-catchingly successful first year on the air. Set to air March 29, the special will mostly serve as a retrospective, highlighting the best moments from the host’s tenure, but will also see him hop into the front seat with Jennifer Lopez for a new segment of a capella autoing.


It doesn’t stop there, either; taking a page from Jimmy Fallon and Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, CBS is also looking to transform the segment into its own show. This is all still tentative, but Corden would apparently appear on the show and executive produce, but not actually host the segments—a somewhat disappointing development, given that his laughing chemistry with the stars in his car is half the fun; at least Lip Sync Battle has the good grace to give us Joseph Gordon-Levitt in drag as an apology for making us spend time with LL Cool J as its host.

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