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James Cameron to launch America’s first all-vegan elementary school

Proving that he can dream up more than white savior stories, James Cameron is reportedly preparing to launch America’s first vegan—sorry, plant-based—elementary school this fall. That would be the MUSE School in Calabasas, California, a parody Twitter account come to life that was founded by Cameron’s wife Suzy Amis Cameron and her sister in 2005. At a fundraiser for the school at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, Cameron said that as of fall 2015, the school would serve an all-plant cafeteria menu. But don’t call it vegan: “The average person would say vegan, but we say whole food, plant-based. It’s about raising kids who don’t think it’s strange or exotic or worthy of a pat on the back to be doing the right thing for the living biosphere,” Cameron says. Whether the Camerons got the idea from an unaired Portlandia sketch is unknown.


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