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Although James Cameron previously told the New York Times—and the world—that he is now and forever in the "Avatar business," with a side gig lording over the seas, Ladies Love Cool James Cameron still finds time for his females. The suitably strong and independent females, as The Hollywood Reporter notes that he's optioned the rights to Taylor Stevens' The Informationist, a novel whose female main character (who's already been compared to Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander) is an information specialist with a past spent working for arms dealers and mercenaries in Africa. When she's hired by a billionaire to return and hunt down his missing daughter, she finds herself once more swept up in the Dark Continent's danger and adventure. Cameron plans to direct the adaptation sometime after he finishes work on his back-to-back Avatar sequels—so basically, a very long time from now—saying  that although it's a thriller, he plans to put an equally weighty focus on, as he says, his heroine's "emotional life and her unexpected love story." Which we'll assume is with a big blue fish-person, unless James Cameron just wants to be a liar.


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