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James Cameron says new Avatar movies will be “bitchin’,” make you “shit yourself”

Illustration for article titled James Cameron says new iAvatar /imovies will be “bitchin’,” make you “shit yourself”

As more news about the upcoming Avatar sequels (like that Sigourney Weaver will return to the franchise in three different forms across the three separate films) continues to spread, writer/director James Cameron is busy hyping the project that has yet to go into production. Speaking to Empire, Cameron said, “They’re gonna be bitchin’,” presumably as he made a fist, extended his thumb and pinky finger–the international symbol for “Hang loose”–and encouraged the interviewer to join him on a sick party wave. But Cameron, apparently still high from ripping a serious nug, knew that “bitchin’” was not enough to describe his future projects. So he went further, stating, “You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open.” Unable to process the radtitude of what was just said, Cameron’s bros fell silent until one was brave enough to offer a response: “Sick!” Indeed, good surf fellow, these films will be sick.


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