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James Cameron commits to two Avatar sequels as his next and only projects

Dashing the hopes of Will.I.am and Angelina Jolie with a single press release, Twentieth Century Fox announced today that James Cameron has committed to making Avatar 2 and 3 as his very next films. In the end, all it took was the studio contributing a “huge” donation to his environmental green fund, and the gentle reminder that Avatar 2 and 3 will earn Cameron enough money that he could just buy another planet and escape there to his very own pressurized dome city in case the whole “green” thing doesn’t work out here. The two sequels are now tentatively scheduled for a Dec. 2014 and Dec. 2015 release, respectively, and Cameron will decide whether he will shoot them back-to-back as soon as he finishes the scripts. Sadly, this means no more “James Cameron may direct…” stories for approximately the next two years, so Ridley Scott and Sam Raimi may have to double their efforts.


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