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James Cameron and Ubisoft are teaming up for a new Avatar game

Ubisoft's 2009 Avatar game (Screenshot: Avatar: The Video Game/Ubisoft)

It’s time to add one-more ill-defined venture to James Cameron’s list of far-flung Avatar projects. Today, Ubisoft, the game publisher behind series likes Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, has announced that it’s partnered with 20th Century Fox and Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to create a new big-budget Avatar video game. The game is in development at Massive Entertainment, and will be running on the same technology that powered the studio’s last release, The Division.

Aside from a video that included nothing but footage from the original movie and a few talking heads hyping up the potential of a video game where players are left to explore the world of Pandora, no other concrete details were announced. It appears to be in the earliest stages of development, with Massive’s website making a big push for new hires to help with development, including several lead roles for the game’s narrative and art design.

Ubisoft is a natural fit for this project. It developed and released the last major Avatar game back in 2009, and if any company can turn Pandora into a beautiful interactive world filled with boring things to do, it’s them. If all goes well, this new game might reach PCs and consoles in time for Avatar 3—you know, in 2020.


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