Further proving that no valuable pop-culture property can have an Octopussy without the attendant Never Say Never Again, BBC America is following in the footsteps of Duncan Jones’ previously announced Ian Fleming biopic with its own take on The Man With The Golden Idea, That Idea Being James Bond. The four-part miniseries, tentatively titled Fleming, will trace the author’s time as a London playboy-cum-agent on Her Majesty’s secret service, a period during which he ran counterintelligence missions against Nazi Germany, bedded women indiscriminately, imbibed frequently, and behaved in other ways that can be turned into nods toward the Bond franchise. Ignoring Toby Jones’ status as the U.K.’s premier second-banana biopic player, Fleming has cast Captain America’s Dominic Cooper as the man who will soon say “Martini, shaken not stirred—say, there’s a catchy little caveat!”