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Casting on Iron Man 3 thus far has been a knotty, shrouded-in-secrecy, maybe-Ben-Kingsley-is-Chinese puzzle, so it's somewhat appropriate that Rubicon star James Badge Dale should now be a part of it, even if that suggests unraveling the mystery will be dragged out to a patience-testing crawl before finally being left unresolved by the film's cancellation. But Marvel seems really up on this whole superhero thing right now, so that's not likely to happen before Dale gets to play the role of Eric Savin, a character whose addition, in now-established Iron Man 3 casting tradition, probably raises more questions than it answers. Savin is a familiar name from Marvel lore, after all, though he's perhaps better known as Coldblood, the cyborg mercenary he's turned into after stepping on a land mine. Of course, Variety pointedly avoids any mention of that turn of events—though given that the film draws inspiration from the Extremis storyline and its focus on creating super-soldiers through technology, it seems probable that this is the direction they're heading, otherwise why not just cast Dale as "Lieutenant Army-Guy"? And thus have our astounding powers of deduction triumphed again.


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