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Illustration for article titled James Badge Dale joins John Krasinski in Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie

Based on the fact that one guy wore the Iron Patriot suit for a scene in Iron Man 3 and the other guy is the living embodiment of the Iron Patriot suit from Iron Man 3, James Badge Dale and Michael Bay seem to have a lot in common. It seems like a good fit, then, for Dale to play one of the leads in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours, a movie about the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Deadline says Dale will be “the leader of the security team that tries to protect U.S. lives in the assault,” noting that he played similar roles in World War Z and The Pacific. In other words, he’s a soldier guy. Dale joins John Krasinski—who has probably never played a soldier guy—and Orange Is The New Black‘s Pablo Schreiber—who has appeared in Army Wives, and maybe played a soldier guy in that. Also, no, you are not dreaming. Michael Bay is still making a movie about Benghazi. Adjust your life accordingly.


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