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Quentin Tarantino is apparently bound and determined to cast basically everybody in his latest film project, the sprawling Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Just today, Tarantino announced that Al Pacino was signing on to the film’s cast for his first collaboration with the Kill Bill director; that came after a wider announcement yesterday revealing that Luke Perry, Dakota Fanning, Damian Lewis, and Emile Hirsch, among others, had all joined the movie’s cast.

Y’all remember Emile Hirsch, right? He’s the guy who won critical acclaim for Into The Wild (and less so for, say, Speed Racer), and who then decided to destroy his own career by drunkenly attacking a woman, Paramount Pictures executive Daniele Bernfeld, at Sundance in 2015. Hirsch plead guilty to misdemeanor assault for his actions against Bernfeld—which reportedly included dragging her across a table and choking her until she blacked out—and served a whopping 15 days in jail, along with a $5,000 fine and a term of probation and community service.


Hirsch has worked sparingly in the last few years—a few scattered film roles, and a voice performance on Netflix’s Trollhunters cartoon—but this Tarantino role could hypothetically represent a reemergence into the Hollywood mainstream. But not if Jameela Jamil has anything to say about it.

The Good Place star—who’s friends with Bernfeld, the woman Hirsch admitted to assaulting—moved to social media today to express her disgust at the casting of her friend’s attacker in the high-profile film. She didn’t mince words (or flipped birds), either:


And while it seems unlikely that Jamil’s protest will do much to sway Tarantino, it is a good reminder, in case you needed it, that Emile Hirsch was (and quite possibly still is) a violent piece of shit.

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