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Jameela Jamil tells how Ted Danson almost sent her running right to the Bad Place

Jameela Jamil, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Warning: Mild spoilers for The Good Place.

The Good Place’s resident proper British socialite Tahani Al-Jamil wound up missing the cut for The Good Place’s afterlife Good Place thanks to a lifetime of self-serving philanthropic fame-grubbing, but Jameela Jamil almost went down for killing a bunch of people in a particularly nasty way. Still, as she explained on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was all Ted Danson’s fault. Danson, referred to in understandably glowing terms by both Kimmel and Jamil, yet was indirectly responsible for a near-death experience so elaborately ludicrous it could have served for one of the ironically Rube Goldberg-ian fates of any one of the four Good Place protagonists.

Telling Kimmel that she owes everything she knows about acting to TV veteran Danson, first-time actress Jamil did have to throw Danson under the bus—for her literally almost winding up under a bus. While covered in bees. As she explained, Danson had noted how Jamil, unaccustomed to the on-set rigors of the sitcom form he figured out some 40 years ago, was getting immediately worn out and sickly at the start of filming. So he suggested some light jogging in Los Angeles to build up some endurance. Jamil, knowing that you don’t look professional acting advice from Ted Danson askance, told Kimmel about her very first outing when she, all-black running togs and Beyoncé at the ready, quickly fan afoul of a beehive, a speeding car, and an outdoor taco bar patio full of smokers, leading to a canny but uncharitable life-or-death choice that would—should she not have somehow emerged unscathed—certainly have cost the running-for-her-life Jamil any chance of avoiding the Bad Place. As we all know, the bees there have teeth. Not to mention the mouth fleas, diaper scorpions, and butthole spiders. Thanks for nothing, Danson.


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