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Jameela Jamil promises "the cameo of all cameos" in The Good Place series finale

Jameela Jamil, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

Jameela Jamil did some Tahani Al-Jamil-esque name-dropping on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, although, since Jameela’s a whole lot cheekier than everyone’s favorite self-obsessed socialite, philanthropist, and dead person, she was the butt of the story. And that’s just two bottom references in lead-up to saying that Jamil told Jimmy Fallon about the time during her tenure as a British TV personality that she “exploded” out of her too-tight dress and had to interview Daniel Craig with her knicker-less bum sticking to her leather chair throughout.

Tahani would have been aghast, but, as Jamil’s proven since becoming an American TV star (and demonstrated all through her interview with Jimmy Fallon), social embarrassment isn’t really a problem for her. Apart from yelling at a bunch of chattering U.N. diplomats who were interrupting a woman speaker recently, and uttering some choice Good Place euphemistic expletives at Fallon’s request (“soak my deck” is a new one), Jamil also explained how her online campaign against body-shaming and peddling weight loss products to minors allows her to use some very un-euphemistic language in the fight against toxic masculinity and trolling manboys. Oh, and she also pulled out a lot of snacks she had secreted upon her person, including a string cheese like the one she was spotted carrying on the Emmys red carpet last weekend. “Now that I know they ask that question, I’m bringing a butt plug,” said Jamil of the tradition of asking actresses what they have in their purses.

That got one of a few humorous reaction shots from Tonight Show bandleader Questlove, but it was Jamil’s hints about the final season of The Good Place (premiering tonight) that had fans of Michael Schur’s brilliantly unpredictable afterlife comedy all aflutter. Promising that Schur and company have “ended it in the most perfect way” and that fans “are going to cry so much,” Jamil also told us that the finale will contain “the cameo of all cameos.” And while she’s no blabbermouth Ted Danson or anything, Jamil did further explain that the top secret guest will be someone who “exist(s) within the NBC family.” And since The Good Place deals with life, the universe, and everything, let’s let the feverish guessing begin. (At press time, random picks include Shelley Long as Satan or the ghost of Johnny Carson as the ghost of Johnny Carson.)


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