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Jam band Slightly Stoopid presses $6,000 worth of hash into entirely stupid LP

(Photo: Slightly Stoopid's Instagram page_

Slightly Stoopid, a San Diego jam band that describes its music as “a fusion of folk, rock, reggae, and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal, and punk,” likes to smoke weed. The group has released albums like Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, and has given a number of its tours pot-related names—the Blazed And Confused tour of 2009, the Legalize It tour of 2010, the Seedless Summer tour of 2011, and so on.

That’s why it makes perfect, if ridiculous, sense that the band has now taken its love of weed even farther, pressing its song “Dabbington” into a dank, skunky record made from $6000 worth of pure bubble hash. (For the uninitiated, bubble hash is a fairly resinous product that bubbles when it’s lit.) The process, which took place at Los Angeles vinyl mastering studio Capsule Labs, also cost about $1,000, making it more than just a slightly stupid (and expensive) idea.

According to Billboard, the hash record is barely listenable, with “questionable audio.” That’s okay, said Slightly Stoopid manager Jon Phillips, who boasted that the project is “all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together,” because apparently hash is old-school now.


Phillips told Billboard that the group originally “wanted to do this to bring awareness to legalization,” as if there was a Slightly Stoopid fan that wasn’t aware of that plight. Instead, Phillips says he’ll use the record as promotion for—surprise, surprise—a new brand of Slightly Stoopid bubble hash that he’s marketing to marijuana dispensaries, with a small percentage of proceeds going to cancer research.


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