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Jaleel “Urkel” White joins Bobby Moynihan’s new sitcom

Photo: Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty Images

Earlier this month, we reported on Bobby Moynihan’s possibly imminent departure from Saturday Night Live as a result of his casting in a new CBS pilot Me, Myself, And I. The new sitcom has a Boyhood-like concept in that it will drop in on inventor Alex (Moynihan) at three different stages in his life: um, boyhood, adulthood (which will be set in the present), and John Larroquette-hood.

As fascinating as that sounds, it means Moynihan would likely be unable to keep up with his SNL duties. Weekly sitcoms require a considerable time commitment—just ask Jaleel White, who was doing the dual role thing on Family Matters long before Ewan McGregor on the upcoming season of Fargo. Actually, Moynihan can ask White himself now that the erstwhile Steve Urkel/Stefan Urquelle has signed on to Me, Myself, And I. According to Deadline, White will play Darryl, Alex’s best friend, business partner, and roommate, once Alex’s divorce gets underway. Darryl is reportedly the more level-headed of the two as well, which almost certainly the kind of role White prepared for when he played the splintered-off id of his own Family Matters character. Let the Urqonaissance begin, is what we’re saying.


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