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Jake Johnson to keep the undead dead, Tom Cruise young in Mummy reboot

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At the ripe middle age of 53, Tom Cruise has been playing a thirtysomething lead in action films for over two decades now. Many wonder the secret to his seemingly eternal youth, but the answer might be as simple as surrounding him with a steady supply of actual thirtysomething co-stars. His latest project, a reboot of The Mummy, lends credence to that theory: First Sofia Boutella got wrapped up in the proceedings, and now Jake Johnson and Annabelle star Annabelle Wallis have arrived at Cruise’s latest fountain of youth.

Variety reports that Johnson will play “a member of the military” in the film, the first in a planned set of movies spanning a “monster universe.” Beyond that, there’s hardly anything known about the story other than the fact that Jon Spaihts is writing it, Alex Kurtzman is directing it, and it’s set in the present day. Given that it’ll be the first in a potential Marvel-esque influx of interweaving films, one has to think Cruise’s character will survive to the finish, leaving morbid fans of the Edge Of Tomorrow death supercut extremely disappointed.


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