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Jake Gyllenhaal will not allow Sean Paul's good name to be questioned on his watch

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Jake Gyllenhaal, the famous actor soon to appear as the world’s foremost fishbowl-headed comic book villain, is a man of passions. He cannot stay silent when the word “melancholy” is mispronounced or when he has an opportunity to celebrate his sister Maggie. He also will not stand idly by when rapper and singer Sean Paul is besmirched by anyone in his vicinity.

During a promotional appearance for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland visited BBC Radio 1 for a rousing game of Breakfast With Greg JamesUnpopular Opinion segment. Everything was in good, innocent fun until the subject of Sean Paul came up and Gyllenhaal was forced to come to the musician’s defense.

Host Greg James leads the pair through topics like selfie-taking and meal names before a caller named Brandon changes the show’s carefree tone by calling in to say he believes “Sean Paul is massively overrated.”


“No, absolutely n...” Gyllenhaal begins to say, nanoseconds after hearing this affront. “Just hang up on him.” Holland vouches for Paul’s genius while Gyllenhaal asserts, “Sean Paul makes every song better he’s in...There’s not a song he’s on—a remix that he’s on—that isn’t good.”

James begins to play the beginning of 2003's “Get Busy” and Gyllenhaal’s wrath is temporarily stayed, temper soothed as he approximates its hand-clapping rhythms. “He makes driving fun,” he says. “You could be stuck in traffic and he comes on and you want to dance.”

Holland tries to bolster the Paul defense, but Gyllenhaal is too incensed by poor Brandon’s opinion to allow his co-star more than a few sputtered words. Likely wanting to ensure his guest is fully consoled before the interview’s end, James tells Gyllenhaal he’ll play a Sean Paul song instead of allowing Brandon to talk more. Gyllenhaal requests his favorite—Sia and Paul’s “Cheap Thrills”—after pumping his fist and smiling in sheer delight. “I’m sorry Brandon, you’re probably a great guy, but...so is Sean Paul,” he says before singing along to the track.

Let this be a warning: if anyone, anywhere, talks shit about Sean Paul, Jake Gyllenhaal will hear...and he will use his celebrity to crush your opinion into dust, publicly if necessary.


[via Uproxx]

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