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Jake Gyllenhaal to star in remake of claustrophobic Danish thriller The Guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal on the phone, as he will be for much of The Guilty remake
Photo: Dave Kotinsky (Getty Images)

Jake Gyllenhaal is the best kind of movie star. He’ll play Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel, but he’ll also champion smaller, stranger projects like Paul Dano’s Wildlife or, as Variety’s just announced, a remake of Gustav Möller’s Danish thriller The Guilty.

Taut and intimate, The Guilty is essentially a one-man show following a disgraced police officer who’s been demoted to desk work at an emergency call center. A tense call from a kidnapped woman galvanizes him, but also forces him to confront his inner turmoil across one long night. It’s won a slew of awards, and will serve as Denmark’s foreign-language entry at this year’s Oscars.


Gyllenhaal’s a perfect fit for the role, as he’s grown into an actor who thrives in anxious, tightly wound portrayals of emotionally conflicted characters. He’ll also produce with Riva Marker’s Nine Stories banner and Bold Films, who will finance the picture.

“We saw The Guilty at Sundance and were blown away,” Gyllenhaal and Marker said in a statement. “Möller’s film masterfully weaves tension into an acute character study, and is exactly the kind of material that Nine Stories is excited to develop. We are honored to be able to adapt it for American audiences alongside Bold Films,” Gyllenhaal and Marker said.

Gyllenhaal’s new Instagram, meanwhile, still just has one post.

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