Screenshot: Twitter

Tom Holland is used to being babysat in interviews by Marvel execs or even other costars, thanks to his ability to spoil things with a single sentence. That’s not the case on the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour, however, as he’s been paired with the crazy toddler-man known as Jake Gyllenhaal. In the below supercut, Holland is routinely scared out of his mind by his co-star, though, rest assured, their bromance romance is still very much on display.


Watch Holland’s nerves fray in real time as a bug-eyed Gyllenhaal imitates a T-rex, bleats like a sheep, and rants about Cabbage Patch dolls. Holland’s getting used to it, though, wearily mentioning his co-star’s “strange jokes.”

But, in all seriousness, the true defining moment of their relationship is not here, but rather when Holland called him Gyllenhaal his husband in a sweet Southern Belle accent at the Far From Home premiere. The stans are hungry, and they’re being fed.