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Jake Gyllenhaal found Jamie Lee Curtis on a mountain and convinced her to return to Halloween

Photo: Christian Augustin (Getty Images)

Welcome to Headline Mad Libs, the regular A.V. Club feature where we assemble a random selection of words that definitely have nothing to do with each other. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a mountain? Crazy and hilarious.

Oh wait, Headline Mad Libs isn’t a real thing. This is actually a normal news story, as Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed to Variety that Jake Gyllenhaal is the one who convinced her to return to the Halloween series with David Gordon Green’s upcoming reboot, and he did it by “[tracking] her down while she was on vacation in the mountains.” Curtis apparently thinks of Gyllenhaal as her “unofficial godson,” so his advice carries some weight, and he told Curtis that working with Green on Stronger was “the greatest experience of his professional career.”


We’re still not sure why Gyllenhaal had to convey this information while Curtis was on vacation on a mountain, but at least we’re getting a new Halloween movie out of this. Also, as it turns out, Gyllenhaal’s advice about working with Green was right on the money, as Variety says he and Curtis “hit it off immediately.” Curtis even compared him to original Halloween director John Carpenter, saying that “they’re both laidback and don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Curtis mentions the last time she returned to the Halloween series for Halloween H20 in 1998. She says that project “started out with the best intentions” but she ultimately just did it “for the paycheck.” Hey, those mountain vacations don’t pay for themselves.

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