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Jake Fogelnest live-tweeted Henry Hill from Goodfellas' last day of freedom

Martin Scorsese’s classic Goodfellas contains a number of memorable scenes—the celebrated gliding Steadicam shot through the Copacabana, Tommy DeVito’s murder of Billy Batts—but the coked-up sequence that follows Henry Hill (Ray Liotta, playing the real-life mobster) as he performs various errands on his last day of freedom, pursued by helicopters that may or may not be there, is one of the best. And, as it happens, those scenes take place on May 11th, the date of Hill’s real-life arrest.

Comedian and writer Jake Fogelnest (SNLThe Fogelnest Files) decided to commemorate the 34th anniversary of the arrest by creating a Twitter account (@SundayMay11th) and live-tweeting the day as Henry Hill in real-time. Hence, the day starts off with this:


and then proceeds in sequence, stopping occasionally to tweet tracks from the film’s soundtrack as they become relevant. Along the way, we get Twitter-appropriate gems like these:


The account ends with a rant about Hill needing to drive drug mule Lois back home so she can grab her “lucky hat,” before, inevitably, concluding with this:


It’s a fascinating little project, both as an homage to a great film, as a series of dumb jokes, and as a way a man once decided, for no real reason, to spend his Mother’s Day elaborately referencing a 24-year-old movie.

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