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Having recently canceled The Birthday Boys and Garfunkel And Oates, IFC has found itself with some openings in its schedule. Rather than just airing Scott Pilgrim a few more times a day or giving Scott Aukerman free rein to do as much weird stuff as he wants, the network has decided to simply make a new show. To do that, it has turned to comedian Jake Fogelnest (who is currently working on Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer update).


Fogelnest and IFC are developing a show that’s tentatively titled Start Making Sense, and it will follow a man named Jack who is “desperately clinging to relevancy as a best-selling author” and his son Shane, who likes to go on Twitter. Also, “they must navigate new waters of texts, trust, and rock and roll,” according to the press release. Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films is producing Start Making Sense, and though IFC is eager to hype it up already in promotional materials, it hasn’t officially been given a green light yet. That means it might not make it to air, so IFC could still end up having to bump the number of daily Scott Pilgrim showings to eight or nine.

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