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Jaime says "Relax," as FX sets a star-studded cast for its '80s period pilot Gone Hollywood

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HBO put a whole bunch of actors out of work this year when it finally brought its blockbuster Game Of Thrones to a semi-crashing, much-petitioned halt. Regardless of their final status on the show—crushed, stabbed, burnt, eviscerated, poisoned, or even, against all odds, “survived”—all of the show’s stars are now pretty much just “out of work.” (Or, in one notable case, the Phoenix.) But probably not for very long, as members of the show’s massive cast and crew being to proliferate out into the wider TV ecosystem.

Folks like former Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who officially signed on today for the pilot of FX’s new period drama, Ted Griffin’s ’80s-set Gone Hollywood. Coster-Waldau joins an enormously talented cast for the pilot, which also stars Mozart In The Jungle’s Lola Kirke, Broadway actor Ben Schnetzer, Umbrella Academy’s John Magaro, and two certified ringers in the form of Jonathan Pryce and Judd Hirsch. Nelson Franklin, Eric Lange, Sarah Ramos, Peta Sergeant and Jeremy Shamos also appear in the pilot, with recurring roles if it gets picked up to series. 

Griffin has a number of credits to his name—including Ocean’s 11, for all the heistheads out there—but he’s best known in TV nerd circles as the creator of FX’s single-season darling Terriers, which the network briefly aired waaaaay back in 2010. His new series is all about talent agents breaking away from the old guard in 1980s Tinseltown, “disrupting the business and changing movies forever.” Meanwhile, we can only assume Coster-Waldau is just happy to be in a show where the worst thing that can happen to him is a bad meeting or some weak cocaine, rather than getting his hand cut off, or screamed at by fans for breaking poor Brienne’s heart. 

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