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Jai Courtney hooks up with Amy Poehler for Wet Hot sequel series

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Camp Firewood’s bunk beds are filling up fast—not long after Netflix announced a Wet Hot American Summer sequel series with the original cast, it signed up new recruits Mark Feuerstein and Alyssa Milano. The series, which will be helmed by David Wain again, will take place ten years after the original film. The action will see all the campers living up to a promise made to Bradley Cooper’s Ben, including Susie (Amy Poehler). But she’ll be bringing along some extra baggage in the form of Jai Courtney.

Deadline reports that the erstwhile Suicide Squad member’s been cast as Garth MacArthur, an up-and-coming indie actor who’s recognized “everywhere he goes,” which must be a nice change of pace for Courtney, who’s probably still mistaken for Sam Worthington. In any case, Garth is crazy about Susie—he wants to push their relationship past its current “friends with benefit” dynamic, so he joins her on the trip to her old stomping grounds. We’re guessing Garth will be left out of any Little Darlings-esque sex bets.


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