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Jaden Smith wrote a song about Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok (Getty Images for G-Star RAW)

Here’s some good news for the nerds out there: Popular culture has evolved to the point where video games and anime are now popping up in mainstream rap lyrics. Nicki Minaj dropped “Chun-Li” back in April, and now Jaden Smith has released a single inspired by Dragon Ball Z called “Goku” off of his album The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tapes Story. Based on the lyrics, it’s not strictly about everybody’s favorite Saiyan warrior (don’t deny it, Vegeta fans), but it does have the line “I’m ballin’, I feel like I’m Goku.” Get it? Ballin’, as in the Dragon Balls? When you bring all of them together, Shenron appears and grants a wish? C’mon, we know you watched Dragon Ball Z in the ‘90s. We all did.

You can hear the track below, but in order to actually download it you need to spend a few episodes charging up your power level. Start now and you’ll be—wait for it—over 9,000 in no time.

Alright, all set? Toss a Kamehameha Wave and download the song here.


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