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Will Smith has been diplomatic but firm about the possibility of reprising his role as The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: “We’re going to leave that one alone,” he’s told reporters desperate to see him in one-shouldered overalls and neon shirts again. When last he broached the subject, Smith specified the meteorological conditions that would augur his unlikely return. So fans turned to Smith’s son Jaden, who’s already been in one reboot, to take his place on the throne. That dreamcasting involves Jaden Smith playing his dad’s son in the show as well, who gets sent to West Philadelphia for tough love instead of a safe haven.

Well, Smith the elder has heard these suggestions and flatly rejected them. In an interview with Extra TV (via Uproxx), Smith deviated from his Collateral Beauty promotion to say that his son Jaden will not become Bel-Air royalty in his stead. “Nooooo!,” he reportedly shouted before following that up with another “Just leave that alone.” There’s no telling whether fans will accept this latest decree, even though Smith reiterated his refusal to participate in a Fresh Prince reboot to Entertainment Tonight.


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