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Jaden Smith just leaving his art outside galleries now

(Photo: Rune Hellestad-Corbis/Getty Images)

The Get Down star Jaden Smith is a well-known supporter of the arts; besides his work in the field of mind-blowing Twittery, Smith recently stepped up to raise awareness for Shia LaBeouf’s since-relocated “He Will Not Divide Us” installation. Possibly inspired by LaBeouf’s impulse to just stick his art on the exterior wall of a museum, Smith has now taken to leaving his own paintings outside art galleries for people to find.

That’s per Fader, which notes that Smith has done this at least twice in the last few days, leaning his paintings up against walls or stop signs and tweeting out a picture encouraging his fans to come get them, and to tweet him a picture once they’re found.


It’s hard to get a good picture of what the actual art/litter in question looks like, although at least one appears to be a monochromatic painting covered in plastic wrap with the words “Will You Die With Me” painted on it. The other—which may or may not have been recovered yet, according to Smith’s Twitter—looks like a white square with some red on it. (Unless that’s just a piece of weird cardboard or something, and the actual painting is hidden somewhere else.)

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