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Jaden Smith is playing an "alternate reality" Kanye West and we're already exhausted

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Kanye West is taking a much-needed break from publishing zines and hosting church functions to develop a new TV series for Showtime. The latest iteration of what Kim Kardashian presumably refers to as Kanye’s “busy work” is called Omniverse, an anthology series that “examines the many doors of perception.” The Wrap reports that the first season will focus on Ego (of course), with Jaden Smith playing an alternate reality version of Kanye West. It’s unclear if Smith is one of many actors playing different versions of West, or if the season will center on this one iteration—based on the title and concept, it seems that both are correct, with Smith playing West this season and other actors playing different alternate universe versions of West in subsequent seasons. Either way, we’re already tired just thinking about what is clearly a Peak Jaden-Kanye collaboration.


Lee Sung Jin (also known as Sonny Lee) will write and produce the first season of Omniverse, which is additionally backed by Scooter Braun’s SB Projects and Westbrook Studios. Jin, whose credits include Silicon Valley, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Girlboss, also has a few more upcoming projects, including Tuca & Bertie (on Netflix) and Undone (on Amazon).

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